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Procedures for Competition

  1. The repertory of each participant must reach the Competition office by March 15, 2014. Participants must play all Competition pieces from memory with the exception of sonatas, the Mozart Kegelstatt Trio, and the commissioned work.
  2. Each participant must register in person on Sunday June 8, 2014 at the Opening Ceremony and Participant Meeting. The order of appearance by the participants will be decided upon arrival. This order will remain unaltered throughout the Quarter and Semi-Final rounds of the Competition, June 11-12, 2014, followed by the final round on June 14th. The order of appearance in the Final round will depend upon rehearsal schedule and program content and may vary from earlier rounds.
  3. The Competition will consist of four phases, all of which will be open to the public.

Judging Information

  1. The jury will consist of nine internationally recognized jurors.
  2. Any juror having a teaching or professional relationship with a participant must declare such relationship and will abstain from voting on the participant’s performances. No juror shall have a family relationship with a participant.
  3. The jury will award all prizes.
  4. The decisions of the jury are final.


  1. Quarterfinals – All Competition participants are required to play two quarterfinal rounds over two days, consisting of A one day and B and C the next day:
    1. First movement of one of the following concertos:
      1. Bartok – Concerto for Viola (specify edition)
      2. Beamish – Concerto for Viola No. 2
      3. Hindemith – Der Schwanendreher
      4. Walton – Concerto for Viola
    2. J.S. Bach—Two contrasting movements from a Suite, Sonata or Partita, or the Ciaccona from the Partita No. 2, B. W. V. 1004 – to be different than those performed on DVD
    3. Primrose Transcription or Paganini Caprice — Choose any one of the following works:
      1. Borodin – Scherzo
      2. Novacek – Perpetuum Mobile
      3. Paganini – 24th Caprice (with piano)
      4. Paganini – La Campanella
      5. Zimbalist – Tango, Polo or Zapateado from Sarasateana
  2. Semi-Finals – The eight semi-finalists are required to perform a recital program that may not exceed 55 minutes total performance time. The recital must include A, B, C, D and E in the order of their choosing:
    1. J. S. Bach – Two contrasting movements from a Suite, Sonata or Partita, or the Ciaccona from the Partita No. 2, B. W. V. 1004, to be different than those performed in the Preliminary round. If performing a Sonata, the two movements may be the same as those included on the application DVD.
    2. One from the following list:
      1. Arnold Bax —Sonata
      2. Arthur Benjamin — Sonata
      3. Johannes Brahms – Sonata No. 2 Op. 120
      4. Rebecca Clarke – Sonata
      5. Paul Hindemith – Sonata Op. 25 No.4
      6. George Rochberg – Sonata
    3. First movement of the Kegelstatt Trio by Mozart, K. 498
    4. Primrose Transcription – Choose one of the following works, to be different than that performed in the Preliminary round:
      1. Borodin – Scherzo
      2. Kreisler – Polcinella
      3. Schubert – Ave Maria
      4. Tchaikovsky – None But the Lonely Heart
      5. Zimbalist – Polo or Malaguena from Sarasateana
    5. A commissioned work by competition composer Christian Colberg will be sent to each participant upon application to the Competition.
  3. Concerto Final – Each of the finalists will perform one of the following works with the Primrose Festival String Ensemble:
    1. J. C. Bach – Concerto in C Minor
    2. Benda – Concerto in F Major
    3. Britten – Lachrymae
    4. Handel/Casadesus – Concerto in B Minor


Additional Prizes

Awards and Certificates